Heddy Agus Pritasa


This paper is aimed to observe the impacts of global warming, the climate change, the economic recessions and crowded populations towards agriculture factors in Asia Africa regions. This study comprehensively reviews the agricultural livelihoods and its risk management applications in some countries. Insurance as the risk transfer tool is aimed to save the low-income farmers thus maintain the food supply. The research methods use some successful examples of insurances and catastrophe pools in Asia Africa and Caribbean islands (CCRIF) and how this leads to the concept of the formation of the FAIR agricultural insurance pools in Asia Africa regions. The benefit of the pool is for the Asia and African countries to protect their farmers and food availability towards the risks due to climate changes, such as droughts, typhoons, floods, etc. The governments’ involvement in the formation of every pool is crucially needed.


Agriculture insurance, climate changes, Asia Africa countries, agricultural pool, the governments

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