Tedy Tedy Ardiansyah


Indonesia is a disaster-prone country as evidenced by the epicenter of the earthquake in Indonesia as well as the Indonesian seismicity map, when viewed from the number of incidents and the number of victims of disasters from
year to year always increasing, further aggravated by economic losses resulting from the disaster. This is what underlies the existence of disaster insurance in Indonesia where with state disaster insurance can reduce the cost of building infrastructure again but until now disaster insurance has not been made even though there are planned for now, more directed towards insurable state assets. The above problems will be analyzed through several data sets, both observation, interviews and data references. Where the analysis uses Nvivo tools to facilitate and assist in data processing. The results of this study are especially Perspective influenced by several variables, namely Literacy, Mitigation and insurance guarantees in the community school.


Disaster insurance, Loss, Literacy, Mitigation

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